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RADIO - Carolyn Fok Radio Show Interview Feature planned Sunday, April 24, 2011 (KKUP 3-5pm PST), San Francisco Bay Area. The show will focus on her music body of work spanning 1984-2011 retrospectives, with music ranging from her eras of experimental, industrial, alternate versions of previous album material, unreleased, new, collaborations, etc... An internet Podcast will be posted. Stay tuned!


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Meanwhile here is a new unreleased remix of Carolyn Fok's "Dance To The Bright" which initially uploaded on Facebook.

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From FRANCE: Ian MIND, The Cover Artist for Carolyn Fok's upcoming album 'Magic Realism' introduces a short video for his photography works with one of her music tracks:

New Album Update: Dedicated website has changed designers, so unknown delay. In progress. Finished album, remixes, collaborations awaiting. ...Website is a bit more complex figuring out changing technologies/ideas. Will update. -Carolyn

New Album update: Tracks are finished and mastered. Only waiting for dedicated website in progress, to make available not only new music, but remixes, back catalogue, unreleased, exclusive online tracks, collaborations, and more. We hope soon. Thanks! -Carolyn


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"We at Sequences see and hear very few females in Electronic music, nearly always dominated by us men. The track presented on your facebook page has beautiful and heartfelt chords. Keep up the good work and welcome to the scene." -Mick Garlick



Carolyn Fok�known for her epic approach to music�is proud to announce the digital release of her newest album for Spring 2010 on the High Frequency Music Label (physical release date TBA). This is truly a rare event�Carolyn is known for her painstaking process she takes to develop material.

Her new album is wide-ranging, covering sounds from ambient soundtracks to dance. Influenced by everyone from Patrick Bernhardt, Deuter and Zazen (a former band of her guest guitarist, Grammy Nominated Joaquin Lievano), she has been compared to Wendy Carlos, Tangerine Dream, and Georgio Moroder.

However, anyone who is expecting The Listener, her well-regarded last release, is in for a surprise. This new album is a milestone, and represents a big change in direction. Unlike Fok�s earlier albums, which were darker, and focused on it's dreams and human emotion, this new album is about the awakening of 'supernatural'.

This new album has a range of globe-trekking sounds, and was written/recorded in a variety of locales, including Virginia, Sedona-AZ, Mount Tam, CA, Big Sur, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, China, Lourdes, France; and Rome. The instrumentation includes Carolyn Fok on synthesizers, piano, sound design, rhythm programming, electronics, and computer-triggered sounds. Other acoustic sounds include Tibetan bells from Shangri-La, bells from Rome and acoustic small harp and chimes recorded in the Anza Borrego Desert. Accompanying her is renowned guitarist Joaquin, who was recorded at Jaggo Studios, in Los Angeles.

Fans will definitely notice a different tinge in Carolyn�s music: this music developed from a 7-year passage into studies with Buddhist masters. These masters instilled a link with �divine and eternal states� of which Carolyn attempted to naturally infuse into her music, sound, and engineering. However, it is a misnomer to call this �quiet state� equivalent to �quiet music.� Fok states, �Often the power of silence is a power of concentrated energy.�

The process involved writing music only at the peaks of her meditations, and was influenced by traveling to such exotic locales as Shangri-La, China to European cathedrals, and Angkor Wat, Cambodia, to name just a few. All of these inspirations brought back to the studio as a complete work of art.

With emphasis on creativity, Carolyn Fok conveys a spectrum of the �Yin and Yang polarity� in music, bringing awareness via personal innovation, or as she calls it, �human technology.� As Carolyn explains, �So writing music in a meditative state doesn�t take one out of the state, rather it is using that state to write the music. Because music is energy, it has the potential of a similar transmission, to lift others, to advance human nature. Sometimes the starting point is a darker subconscious effort that erupts, often not without great resistance and pain�but begins to effect change, and that�s when advancement can happen. It�s all about the journey��

Those interested in hearing this next wonderful stage of Carolyn Fok�s amazing
musical journey should check back to this site often for updates.



More music and visual collaborations on the way from around the world...

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As best things come naturally, I will be publishing a major release of writing journals. Masses of hand written material have been carefully assembled and brought together as 'life works' via a comprehensive diary, spiritual passages, travels, and much more. Surely a labor of love, four distinct books found it's way to include : The writing collection with hundreds of drawings and thumbnail sketches. A revealing collection of my childhood-made books, drawings, comics, games, with nearly 800 images between ages 3-13. One main art book, from adolescent to high art, and to name another muse...there is indeed some photography, many beautiful land and skyscapes, coming up



Parallelling books and travels lately, I've recently taken up a special collaboration integrating my electronic music with Grammy nominated virtuoso guitarist, and one of the true greats - Joaquin Lievano. There are eventually no words left to describe something beyond technical mastery, as his finely 'blessed' (I'd call it) innate sensibility leaves an unestimated brilliance.

Release 2010.