CAROLYN FOK is an award-winning visual and recording artist whose electronic music has received international acclaim. Although her naturalist---surrealist paintings and illustrations have shown in New York, San Francisco and Hong Kong, and her music has
been featured in Electronic Musician, Keyboard and Bikini (to mention a few), she is best known for single-handedly creating her own genre of artwork. A form she calls 'musaics', Carolyn Fok creates as a mastery, moving CDs of electronic music, original art, and introspective writings.

At an early age as a child, Carolyn was initially drawn to combining writing and illustrating books for other children. As in her music –which employs a wide array of instruments, sounds and technologies- she combines and illustrates various musical and visual ideas just as colours on a painter's palette. While an art student in San Francisco, she won an award for her watercolors; later she received a New York Society of Illustrators Award and worked as a graphic artist at Glamour in New York. Her oil painting, “Multiple Traits of Woman" won First Prize at the Philippe Charriol Foundation’s (Hong Kong) annual competition, leading to exhibitions sponsored by Movado Watch Company, and high-art convention shows alongside original masters; Van Gogh, Chagall, Dali, Klimt, Renoir, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Monet, Rosenquist, Lichtenstein, and others, for the Asian art buyers. The prize included a trip to Paris, and the painting is in the private collection of Mr. Charriol in Hong Kong.

Carolyn's sense of music and sound began with recording stories on a tape recorder at age 9, and her musical depths had origins in guitar and the piano. Unlike most other kids, she became absorbed in playing sounds rather than songs. Inspired by an early drum machine built by her father and his multi-track recorder, she developed a self-taught songwriting approach to instruments with electronics and by the early 80's, evolved a signature style. From the beginning, her creativity in music was a natural fit with her artworks:
“I like building a fine line between experimentation and perfection," she says.

Carolyn Fok released notable album, Transfiguration: a full-length CD accompanied by an 80-page book of paintings, illustrations, and writings. The album featured improvisational guitarist Elliott Sharp. The CD/book was a critical hit, and the CD consistently sold out at the Guggenheim Museum of Art. Bikini noted, “few albums have such strength of concept.” The Listener release followed to include contributions from electronic chamber music pioneer Tim Story, won both OMNI Intermedia and AXIEM Awards for sound design and landed on critics top 10 album lists. See News for upcoming album...

Most recently, in addition to a new music release, Carolyn will bring her writings to the forefront. Her perhaps most intimate form - she has been a lifelong prolific writer and will publish four books to be introduced sequentially (check the News link for publication dates). They include diaries as of 1976 to current (with several hundred thumbnail sketches and drawings throughout); a collection of children's books and drawings created when she was a child; a book of artwork and a photo travelogue of locales, people and experiences culled from a life of world travel. From the artist who has established such a unique voice in modern music and art, we can be sure that these books will be a passionate, enthralling journey.

Carolyn Fok graduated with a BFA in Illustration at The Academy of Art SF, and is a member of ASCAP and a Voting Member of the GRAMMY academy.